James Dyson Award 2017: Top 20 Projects Internationally, National Runner up (India)- Eco Friendly Faucet

James Dyson Award is an annual international design-innovation award held in 23 countries organised by the James Dyson Foundation. From the hundreds of projects submitted from each country, the National Winners and Runner-ups get shortlisted for the international round, where engineers from Dyson Inc shortlist the top 20 projects for the final round. Sir James Dyson himself selects the International Winners from these 20 projects.

Got into the top 20 international projects (Dyson Engineers' shortlist for the final round) after getting the position of National Runner up (India) in the 2017th edition of James Dyson Award with my project Eco-Friendly Faucet.

The Eco-Friendly Faucet reduces the amount of water being used while washing hands by up to 95% in the same time limit as a conventional faucet (tap). This design incorporates the method of atomization of water in a new and efficient way.

The DIY version of the faucet can be 3D printed and uses easy-to-find and standard components. The consumer version of the faucet is designed to fit in seamlessly on existing wash-basins, with a beautiful but minimal look.


Checkout my project in the top 20 stage of the project gallery of James Dyson Award 2017.

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An article featuring my selection and project came in a national daily (Indian Express, September 29th, 2017)

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Masterpiece 2017- Semi Finalist: Innovators

Masterpiece is the world's first intercontinental multi-genre talent fest, organized by Living Talent. There are 3 categories in it- Innovators, Performers & Artists. All the semi finalists from different countries are flown to UAE for the final round at Dubai Festival City to showcase their talents, and are judged by eminent personalities from their respective categories.


INK Makers 2016 Grand Finale- 2nd Position: Power Assisted Gurney

INK Makers is INK Talk's annual program where a series of make-a-thons are conducted with a theme "Build to sell". The winners of of these make-a-thons qualify for the grand finale where a finished product has to pitched to judges who are eminent personalities from different fields. In a team of 2, we came 2nd in the grand finale with our product- Power Assisted Gurney.

An attachment of a power assisted drive system for existing gurneys used in hospitals which permits the movement of a gurney by a single person as opposed to the conventional ones which require three or more people. With the motion being truly holonomic and the operation not requiring any additional knowledge or learning, this system allows any person to operate a gurney without any effort or hassles, especially during emergency situations.


Our win in the make-a-thon round came in the newspapers. (Bangalore Mirror- 24th Nov, 2015)

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Manipal University Innovation day 2016: 2nd Position: Atomized cleaning water dispenser

Manipal University holds an annual innovation challenge across all its constituent colleges (Engineering, Medical, Dental, Science, Nursing etc.) to come up with innovative products which can help the world. I came 2nd in the 2016 finale, with my product- Atomized Cleaning Water Dispenser.

The use of conventional taps since the past few centuries has led to inefficient use of water when it comes to cleaning since most of the water goes down the drain after bouncing off a surface. A replacement for existing taps having atomizers in parallel and water pressurized by a localized compressor. It gives the same cleaning efficiency of tap water in the same time span and saving about 90% of water while doing so. This not only saves a lot of water, but also saves electricity that was being used to pump the water.


TRICKS 2009- 1st Position: SoccerBot

TRICKS (The Robotics Institute's Challenge for Knowledge in Science) was India's biggest national robotics competition for high school students at that time. Back when I was in 9th grade, I won the first position in TRICKS 2009's challenge- SoccerBot - where the goal was to build a robot to play miniature football with another one.


Also, got a mention in the newspapers. (Mumbai Mirror, 2010)

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Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition 2012- 1st Position: Energy Conservation

It is the annual national level science fair conducted by the NCERT and the Government of India, for all of the thousands of CBSE board affiliated schools across the country.

I was in the team which represented my school and city and came first in the national level in the year 2012, in which the theme was "Energy Conservation". The team had several constituent projects and my project was "Low Altitude Wind Turbines" where I had built a Savonius Wind Turbine with the friction at the shaft reduced with magnetic levitation, thus increasing its efficiency.

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