Listed here are a few major projects that I've worked on.

Power Assisted Gurney

An attachment of a power assisted drive system for existing gurneys used in hospitals which permits the movement of a gurney by a single person as opposed to the conventional ones which require three or more people. With the motion being truly holonomic and the operation not requiring any additional knowledge or learning, this system allows any person to operate a gurney without any effort or hassles, especially during emergency situations.


Eco-Friendly Faucet

The use of conventional taps since the past few centuries has led to inefficient use of water when it comes to cleaning since most of the water goes down the drain after bouncing off a surface.

A replacement for existing taps having atomizers in parallel at an angle with respect to each other and water pressurized by a localized compressor. It gives the same cleaning efficiency of tap water in the same time span and saving about 90% of water while doing so. This not only saves a lot of water, but also saves electricity that was being used to pump the water.


Haze Sensor

Singapore is facing a pollution crisis and information on the origins and movement of particulate matter to take preventive steps is in dire need.

A sensor to measure air quality and haze levels throughout Singapore, accurate movement of particulate matter is calculated by forming a network of such sensors connected to a cloud. It's designed to be rigid, weather-proof and maintenance free yet efficient for acquiring data.


Badminton Playing Robot

Being in the college’s official robotics team for ABU Robocon 2015, we built two robots which could play against two more robots in a Badminton double’s game. I was in the Mechanical Designing subsystem and I also played a key role in automating the process of hitting back shuttlecocks.


Wind Driven Robot

Being in the college’s official robotics team which took part in ABU Robocon 2016, having a problem statement of building two robots, a parent robot electrically powered through batteries and the other being driven by the first one through non-electrical forms of power transfer, I designed and fabricated the wind turbine system which drove the robot by harnessing wind energy from the parent robot.


Energy Meter Monitoring Device

Many Asian countries still have analog energy meters installed by their electricity boards. A cheap alternative to keep track of these meters, without installing another digital meter will help millions of homes and small scale businesses monitor and control their energy usage.

A device to monitor existing analog energy meters- it connects to Wi-Fi networks and periodically sends real time data of the energy meter to monitor for easy control of usage of electricity while allowing quick access to the physical meter itself whenever needed.


IOT Plugs

Air conditioners, geysers, heaters, ovens etc. are the main consumers of electricity in very household. Leaving them on when not required ends up in getting hefty bills, whereas waiting for them to function after being switched on wastes a lot of time.

A smart plug which connects to Wi-Fi networks for easy controlling and monitoring of individual appliances via the internet.


Safety gates for subways using PLC

To tackle the problem of people falling on the tracks in subway stations, we designed a system of gates on the platforms of the station, which automatically opened after the arrival of a train, alerted the officials if anything was stuck in between the gates and closed if everything was fine. The controller for this project was a Programmable Logic Controller, which is an industrial grade controller.


Portable Cleaning Water Can

To address the problem of the lack of cleaning solutions while travelling, a can which candispense water with high surface area and velocity. Unlike hand sanitizers or wipes, water is way more efficient while it comes to washing dirt. One 250 ml can is enough for 15 hand wash sessions.

cleaning water dispenser

Liked any of my projects? Shoot me a mail at maniksandesh@gmail.com and maybe we could work together!